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Cohort program

The Cherry on Tech Cohort program connects you with other like-minded individuals to form your own tech squad.

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🍒 Cherry on Tech is a volunteer-run organization whose mission is to support people of women, non-binary, and trans folks who are new to the tech world. We are dedicated to developing a community that empowers marginalized genders while promoting the power of being part of a tech squad.

Understanding Tech Squads

A tech squad is more than just a group – it's a supportive community committed to mutual growth and success in the tech industry.

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😍 Who Should Join?

To thrive in our program and tech squads, you should:

  • Identify as an underrepresented gender: Women, non-binary, and trans individuals.
  • Aspire to roles such as: Developer, Product Manager, or UX Designer.
  • Commit to a 15-week program: With a time commitment of 7-10 hours per week, including meetings and hands-on tasks. Hours may vary depending on your role and the project's specific requirements.
  • Begin or plan to start your job search within the next 1-3 months: Whether you're new to tech or lacking experience, our program helps you practice and develop essential skills.
  • Desire to enhance your portfolio: Add a real project to your portfolio while learning.
  • Interest in accessible web design: Learn how to build websites with accessibility in mind.
  • Empower others: Encourage growth, learning, and excitement within your tech squad.

🌟 Excited to learn more? We've got a bunch of events lined up for February! Check out our LinkedIn page for the latest news and updates.

📋 Program Details

Our Spring 2024 Cohort is has closed. Stay tuned for announcements about the next cohort!

The Cherry on Tech Cohort program connects you with like-minded individuals to form your own tech squad. Here's what you can expect:

  • Program Duration: 15 weeks with a time commitment of 7-10 hours per week
  • Weekly Tasks: Guided tasks and mentorship to define, build, and deploy a live website.
  • Weekly Meetings: Collaborate, share knowledge, and support each other on your tech career journeys.
  • Global Meetings: Engage with guest speakers, participate in breakout sessions, and connect with the wider tech squad community.
  • Cost: Participating in this program won't cost you a dime! You'll give back by volunteering your time to assist fellow community members and collaborating with your tech squad even after the program ends.

🗓 Important Dates

  • Spring 2024 Cohort Begins:

    March 16th, 2024

  • Spring 2024 Cohort Ends:

    June 29th, 2024

📔 Program Structure

Week 0: Onboarding

  • Join the Cherry on Tech Slack and meet your squad.
  • Choose the problem space your squad will address.

Week 1-3: Discovery, Prototyping, and User Story Mapping

  • Conduct research, ideation, and test a lo-fi prototype.
  • Develop user flows and personas for a story-mapping workshop.

Week 4: Baseline

  • Establish a shared understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Define practices for building quality software.

Week 5 - 12: Sprints

  • Collaborate as a cross-functional team in an agile workflow.
  • Deliver project features in iterative sprints.

Week 13: Final Presentation

  • Present your project and celebrate your achievements with your tech squad!

Final Week: What’s Next…

  • Set your own pace to continue working with your squad and supporting each other in your careers.

🔑 Key Features

  • Experience cross-functional collaboration in an agile environment: Work alongside developers, UX designers, and product managers.
  • Build a High-Quality Static Site: Take your project from concept to launch, creating a top-notch Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within just 15 weeks.
  • Accessibility Focus: Prioritize accessibility at every stage of the design and coding process to ensure inclusivity.
  • Ongoing Career Support: Benefit from continuous support and guidance from the tech squad community as you progress in your career.
  • Mentorship Program: Receive valuable guidance from seasoned professionals who volunteer their time as mentors.
  • Hands-On Experience with Essential Tools: Work with industry-standard tools and technologies used in the workspace, including:

    • Tech Tools: Work with React, npm, tailwind, ESLint, Prettier, and axe Accessibility Linter.

      • Note: These projects won't involve backend usage.
    • General Tools: Familiarize yourself with Slack, Figma, Jira, Notion, GitHub, and Netlify.

Join us and take the first step towards an exciting career in tech!

How to Join

Applications have closed for our Spring 2024 cohort. Stay tuned for announcements about the next cohort.

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