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Cohort program

The Cherry on Tech Cohort program connects you with other like-minded individuals to form your own tech squad.

πŸ’ Cherry on Tech is a volunteer-run organization whose mission is to support people of marginalized genders who are new to the tech world. We are dedicated to developing a community that empowers women, non-binary, and trans folks while promoting the power of being part of a tech squad. ​

What is a tech squad?

​ A tech squad is a group of people committed to: ​

  • help every member to enter and level up in the tech industry,
  • work together on projects where each member can develop their skills,
  • celebrate successes, and be there for each other ​

And the best part is to have an impact on each other while having fun. Learn more about tech squads. ​ ​

Who should join?

​ To be a good fit, you: ​

  1. Identify as an underrepresented gender
  2. Are aspiring to be a:

    • Developer
    • Product Manager
    • UX Designer
  3. Have been or will begin looking for a role in the next 1-3 months

    • You are new to tech
    • You don't have relevant experience
    • You want to practice and develop skills in your field
  4. Are seeking to work and gain experience in a multidisciplinary and agile environment
  5. Are looking to add a new and real project to your portfolio
  6. Are interested in learning how to build accessible websites
  7. Are able to make a 13-week commitment to the program (estimated 5-7hrs/week)
  8. Want to empower your tech squad members to grow, learn and feel excited about working toward a common goal ​

Apply here! ​

Program Details

​ The Cherry on Tech Cohort program connects you with other like-minded individuals to form your own tech squad. ​

We will walk your squad through a 13-week project with weekly tasks and mentorship to help your squad define, build, and deploy a live website.

​ Your squad will have a weekly meeting to discuss your project, share knowledge, and support each other on your tech career journeys. You will spend 5-7 hours per week on your project, with a mix of independent work, co-working time, and mentorship.

​ We host global meetings for all squads to get a brief overview of the upcoming week, hear from guest speakers, participate in breakout sessions, and come together as a larger community of tech squads.

​ ⭐️ This is a NO COST program ⭐️


Key features

  • Cross-functional - We put devs, designers, and product managers together on a tech squad so you can gain experience working with the common roles in the industry.
  • Build a static site - Go from idea to launch. Work within the constraint of building a static site in order to deliver a high-quality MVP in 13 weeks.
  • Focus on accessibility - We believe web accessibility is essential. We encourage our tech squads to think about accessibility at every step of the design and coding process.
  • Lifelong career support - Tech squads continue beyond the program, and we continue to support your squad’s success as a member of our community of tech squads.
  • Mentorship - We provide each squad with a mentor for each role. Our mentors are experienced professionals who are volunteering their time for mentoring. ​

Tech stack and tools

  • React
  • Netlify
  • npm
  • git
  • GitHub
  • tailwind
  • VScode
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • axe Accessibility Linter
  • Figma
  • Jira
  • Notion
  • Slack
  • Jamboard ​

Important dates

  • September 9th, 2023: Our next cohort begins!
  • December 9th, 2023: End of the Cohort, final presentation! ​

Program schedule

Week 0: Onboarding

​ Join the Cherry on Tech Slack and meet your squad. Pick the problem space your squad will build a solution for. ​

Week 1-3: Discovery, Prototyping, and User Story Mapping

​ Research, ideate, and test a lo-fi prototype. Build your user flow and personas for a story-mapping workshop. ​

Week 4: Baseline

​ Establish a shared understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle and practices you will use to build quality software. ​

Week 5 - 12: Sprints

​ Work as a cross-functional team in an agile workflow to deliver features of your project. ​

Week 13: Final Presentation

​ Present your project and celebrate completing your first project with your tech squad! ​

After that…

​ We encourage your squad to continue to work together at your own pace so you can continue to support each other in your careers. ​

How to join

​ πŸ‘‰ Apply here ​

​ Are you interested in volunteering with us? ​

➑️ Sign me up! ​


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​ Have questions or comments? ​

πŸ’ Reach out to us via email at 🌸 ​

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